Flu Season 2018 – Tips to Help You Stay Healthy

With another fall upon us, colder air, shorter days, and kids back in school, susceptibility to influenza, as well as coughs and colds is increasing. Fortunately for most people, there are a few best practices to keep in mind when going about your day that can actually protect you from getting the flu. The flu is not just a simple viral infection, for many, it comes with serious symptoms including high fevers, headaches, and unbearable sore throats. For the young and the elderly, the flu can even be life-threatening. In the early 20th century, an outbreak of a hyper-deadly strain of influenza caused the deaths of 3-5% of the world’s population. The trick is to remain cautious, and to follow the proven tips to not get sick in the first place.

What can you do to stay healthy and out of the doctor’s office?

  1. Get a Flu Shot
Flu shots are one of the most effective ways of protecting yourself from the virus. But be aware – the flu shot takes about 2 weeks from the time you get it for the immunization to work. Plan ahead and get your flu shot early.
  1. Wash Your Hands
Touched a communal surface like a doorknob, light switch, keyboard, or countertop? Head immediately to the bathroom and wash your hands. It is helpful to make use of hand sanitizer as well for when you are on the go.
  1. Stay Away from People who are Coughing and Sneezing
Avoiding the virus is a big part of not catching it. If you suspect someone in your vicinity is infected with the flu, try and keep your distance. If people are showing visible symptoms like coughing and sneezing, try to stay at a safe distance.
  1. Get Sufficient Sleep
Sufficient rest and sleep is always of critical importance when we talk about the immune system. Allowing your body time to recharge, and fight infection will keep you at your healthiest. The only way to prevent the flu is to avoid coming into contact with the virus, and maintain your overall general health. The above tips should help you protect yourself from the influenza virus. To learn more about the influenza virus, or to get treated for the Flu, stop by our walk-in urgent care offices in Pompton Plains and Sayreville. NJ Doctor’s offers the absolute best urgent medical care, and can provide you with your flu shot this season!
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