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About NJ Doctors

Little scrapes can be treated at home. Life-threatening conditions, like strokes and chest pains, require a trip to the ER. For everything in between, there’s urgent care. NJ Doctors Urgent care offers treatment to patients of all ages for injury and illness, like the flu, asthma attacks, broken bones, cuts requiring stitches and more.

Wait times and cost to you and the overall health system is significantly less than a visit to the ER. No appointment is necessary, simply walk in. Convenient and quality care for ailments that are unscheduled.

Allergies although mild in most cases, can pose a serious threat to your health if you have a more severe reaction. It is essential that if you believe that you are suffering from any form of allergy that you come into our offices and visit with an allergy doctor for a full comprehensive screening so they can go ahead and give you a proper treatment plan to aid in treating your allergies. Our allergy doctors conduct a physical examination for all of our New Jersey patients and go over all the possible causes and developments of allergies with patients. If you believe that you’re having allergy-related issues, we advise that you come in and meet with our allergy doctor. We have been serving all of our patients in Pompton Hills, Sayreville, and all the surrounding areas in NJ for years and want to help you feel your best.

Meet Our Doctors

Aashish Desai, M.D.

  • American Board of Family Medicine
  • American Medical Association
  • American Academy of Family Physicians
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R. Imran Baig, M.D.

  • American Board of Family Medicine
  • American Medical Association
  • American Academy of Family Physicians
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Genarro Marino, D.O.

  • American Osteopathic Association
  • Fellow of American College of Emergency Physicians
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Simarjit Singh, M.D.

  • American Board of Family Medicine
  • American Medical Association
  • American Academy of Family Physicians
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Our Services

Walk in Urgent Care illness Specialist Pompton Plains, Sayreville, NJ

Sometimes waiting for your general physician is not the best option…

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Muscles and Bone Injury Treatment in Pompton Plains/Sayreville, NJ

From treating sprained ankles to broken limbs, the expert medical…

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Xray and Medical Blood Testing Lab Pompton Plains, Sayreville, NJ

NJ Doctors Urgent Care is equipped with experienced doctors and medical…

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Occupational medicine clinic in Pompton Plains/Sayreville, NJ

At NJ Doctors, our aim is to help your employees stay healthy and productive.

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Kids Urgent Care Clinic Pompton Plains, Sayreville, NJ

Whether your child is preparing to start kindergarten or will be graduating…

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Vaccination clinic in Pompton Plains/Sayreville, New Jersey

NJ Doctors vaccination clinic in New Jersey offers a wide range..

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Women’s health care clinic in Pompton Plains, Sayreville, NJ

Looking for a reliable women’s health care clinic in NJ? Look no further than NJ Doctors.

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Why NJ Doctors?

Just walk through our doors and get treated. No appointments or referrals necessary. There is always a doctor on site.

We accept most insurances and typically your urgent care co-pay will be significantly less than your ER co-pay.

No insurance? No worries. We have affordable and competitive rates that are significantly less than the ER and other clinics.

A visit to one of our centers usually lasts less than half hour. This means you can get in, get treated by experts.

What our patients are Saying

I was coughing for 2 weeks, turned out that I had pneumonia. My doctor gave an antibiotic shot and sent a prescription to my pharmacy. I was feeling better the next day.


I went in for hip pain, the doctor there performed a thorough exam and Xray to diagnose and treat my injury.


This place is great. I waited for less than 5 minutes. Staff is friendly from the receptionist to the doctor.


I feel like a teenager again. Thanks, Doctors. I really appreciate what you’ve done for me.


I took my son there after a fall. The receptionist quickly checked us in and were seen by the doctor in few minutes. He broke his arm and was casted in no time. We were out of there in less than an hour.


Fast and convenient. Love this place.


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We are performing COVID-19 PCR testing and Antibody testing for ALL ages at both locations with a 24h-48h turnaround time. Just walk in, no appointment needed.