Why NJ Doctors?

Why NJ DoctorsWhenever you have an injury or illness that requires immediate attention, just walk through our doors and get treated. No appointments or referrals necessary. There is always a doctor on site, and a full medical team ready to take care of you and your family. We accept most insurances and typically your urgent care co-pay will be significantly less than your ER co-pay. We handle the billing process for you. No insurance? No worries. We have affordable and competitive rates that are significantly less than the ER and other clinics. A visit to one of our centers usually lasts less than half hour. This means you can get in, get treated by experts, then get on with the rest of your day. Just bring your picture ID, insurance information, payment for insurance co-pay and list of current medications.
7/4/24 Thursday: All locations are open from 8 AM- 1 PM. We perform PCR testing for Covid, Influenza and RSV for ALL ages. Just walk in, no appointment needed.