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NJ Doctors Urgent Care Walk–in Vaccinations


NJ Doctors vaccination clinic in New Jersey offers a wide range of vaccinations to protect you and your family. Whether it’s a tetanus shot or influenza vaccination, pertussis vaccination, or vaccination for whooping cough, we can help. We offer flu vaccines for adults, children, teens, and adolescents so it’s easy to bring your family in and get them covered for all the important vaccinations.

We provide common vaccinations and no appointment is needed, so you can just walk in when it is convenient for you.

Why are vaccines necessary?

Vaccines protect you from preventable diseases. Vaccinations, especially for kids, are extremely important because their immune systems are not as strong as adult's. Vaccinations are quite important for travelers too. If you’re planning to travel abroad, you’ll need to get vaccinated to safeguard yourself from any potential diseases.

Some of the vaccinations we offer for walk-in patients at our Pompton Plains, Sayreville and Nutley locations include:

1Influenza Vaccinations / Flu Shots in NJ - Getting an influenza vaccination or flu vaccine in NJ is the only proven way to prevent influenza. At our vaccination clinic in NJ, flu vaccines are available for individuals 4 years and older

2Pertussis Vaccine in NJ - Pertussis or whooping cough is an extremely contagious respiratory disease. Pertussis can be treated with antibiotics and prevented with a vaccine. Keep yourself and your family protected from this disease by getting a Pertussis vaccine in NJ.

3Tetanus Shots in NJ - Tetanus is a bacterial infection that affects the nervous system and causes stiffness in muscles. The bacteria usually enter the body through cuts, scratches, or wounds inflicted by some sharp metal.

The tetanus vaccination is given in childhood as the Tdap vaccine but the effect decreases with time. Adults should get tetanus boosters after every ten years. Whether you are concerned about a recent injury or want a regular tetanus booster, visit our vaccination clinic in NJ and we’ll take care of you.

Why choose NJ Doctors for vaccinations?

Our trained professionals are certified to administer vaccinations to adults and children. At NJ Doctors, you don’t need to make a prior appointment. You can simply walk-in and get the vaccinations you need.

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7/4/24 Thursday: All locations are open from 8 AM- 1 PM. We perform PCR testing for Covid, Influenza and RSV for ALL ages. Just walk in, no appointment needed.