Summer’s Almost Here – Tips To Stay Healthy For 2019

Tips To Stay Healthy For 2019

Look. We know how exciting this time of the year is. Trust us, we love going to “the shore” too. That being said, you need to prepare yourself for the fun days of summer and the “dog days of summer.” It’s not just infants and the elderly who need to worry about things like dehydration or overheating. Summer is also the time of year where most of our kids are out of school too! Do yourself a favor and check out these “cool summer tips” from NJ Doctors Urgent Care of Pompton Plains and Sayreville New Jersey to help make your summer even cooler:
  • Drink Plenty Of Water (carry it with you if you can)This is probably the most important thing on this list! It’s generally recommended that we drink around 2.5 liters of water per day or around 8-10 glasses of water per day in order to prevent dehydration. In the summertime this is especially important since as temperatures rise, we naturally lose water through sweat. We also know how hot it can get in Pompton Plains and Sayreville New Jersey in the summer. Do yourself a favor: stay hydrated and try to keep a portable thermos or container full of water on you at all times when you’re out in the heat.
  • Wear SunscreenThe recommended SPF to help prevent most types of sunburn and/or skin cancer is SPF 30. You can buy sunscreen as a spray or a lotion in most convenience stores, drug stores, or even online for your convenience. Try and apply sunscreen before you go outside and get exposed to the sun. If possible, try applying sunscreen throughout the day as needed.
  • Seek Shade Whenever Possible If You’re Out In The SunWhether it’s under a tree, a canopy, an umbrella, a tent, or within the comfort of your own air conditioned car. Try not to spend too much time outside in the heat! Prolonged exposure to UV rays can cause many adverse effects to your body. Dehydration, Sunburn, and Exhaustion are just a few of the common side effects to prolonged exposure to hot summer conditions. 
  • Bug Spray or Mosquito Repellent Can Be A Life-SaverYou don’t need to be in summer camp to use Bug or Mosquito sprays. We’re fortunate enough to live in one of the most naturally lush and green states in the country. New Jersey is full of amazing parks, hiking trails, and forested areas that we can enjoy year round! In the summer time however, it is especially important for us to be prepared to fight against mosquito and other insect bites or stings that can harm us if we’re unprepared. Bug repellant can save you a lot of itching, scratching, and unpleasantness when used properly.

But Also? Don’t Forget To Have Fun!

We here at NJ Doctors Urgent Care of Pompton Plains and Sayreville New Jersey don’t want you to worry too much about having fun outside this summer. We’ve been waiting way too long for this awesome weather to arrive. Enjoy it! Just remember to keep yourself and your family safe and prepared to have the most amazing summer imaginable this year.

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